• Theories Alien Evolution 8.5
  • Theories Alien Evolution 8.5

Theories Alien Evolution 8.5

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Aleister Crowley was an early 20th century occultist who was known as "the wickedest man in the world" for his bizarre practices in the dark mystical arts. While performing an occult ritual Crowley claims to have contacted an interdimensional entity named "Aiwass" who dictated to him what became known as "The Book of the Law" which formed the basis of a new religion Crowley named "Thelema". Crowley's drawing of the Aiwass entity is strangely similar to what has since become known to the world as the typical alien grey. The new "Alien Evolution" tee shows the interesting evolution of the visual representation of the classic alien we all imagine from pop culture, from Aiwass in 1904 to the modern version as seen on the cover of Whitley Striber's 1987 book "Communion". Are these entities related? Extra terrestrial or  interdimensional beings?...Theories begs the question and challenges us to think deeper about the origins reality of the alien phenomenon?
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • 7 ply deck made of Canadian maple
  • Stain colors may vary
  • Made in Mexico